Buy Viagra Connect at Boots – Viagra is Available OTC in the UK

After the years’ struggles, men in the UK can now get Viagra to connect over the counter.

Viagra connect is a valid treatment for erectile dysfunction in men, which didn’t use to be available without a prescription.

Viagra connect is called the pharmacy medicine and unlike the normal Viagra, it doesn’t require a prescription from a doctor.

Erectile Dysfunction – What is it?

This is a common sexual condition which occurs to men once in a lifetime.

Erectile dysfunction is classified as a condition where men are unable to attain a proper erection before or during sex.

The condition can be caused by overstressed lifestyle, alcohol consumption or physical tiredness.

The condition varies from men to men, some men have a totally flaccid penis when it comes to sex while some can attain the little bit of erection but it all goes when it comes to insertion.

Not enough erection means no proper sex which can mean a lot of things in a relationship.

Erectile Dysfunction in the UK

According to the men’s health community of the UK, 1 in every 5 men suffers from erectile dysfunction.

This is equal to 4.3 million in the overall UK, which has caused a lot of damage to many marriages and relationships.

Men with erectile dysfunction are later classified as depressed individuals who lack sexual empathy.

Due to these particular sexual disorder men around the world faces social and personal calamities which then turn into a severe kind of depression.

What Happens in Erectile Dysfunction – The Physiology

There are blood vessels in the penis which supply the proper amount of blood to the penis.

Upon the blood rush, you feel sexually aroused and it stiffens up your penis. In erectile dysfunction, these blood vessels are jammed so they don’t allow more blood to pass through.

Clog in these blood vessels is a result of long-term smoking, high cholesterol level and lack of physical exercise.

This can be pretty much frustration for a grown man who needs to perform sexual intercourse as the hormones kick in.

Viagra Connect

Viagra connect is one of the oral medication for treating ED.

Viagra Connect UK

It can be used by men aged 18 or older, the purpose of Viagra connect is to increase blood supply and let you gain the old kind of erection once again.

Not just that, it also works by prolonging the erection time which gets you long lasting and satisfying sex.

It’s an instant erection pill which also looks after the symptoms you get after suffering from ED.

With Viagra Connect you can easily

  • Get a harder and stronger erection
  • Maintain an erection

Buy Viagra Connect at Boots

The normal Viagra has been available in the market for so many years but it always needed a prescription to get so.

Viagra connect is by far the first kind of ED treatment that is available without the prescription.

The main chemical ingredient Sildenafil Citrate is the same, only you can buy it from any registered pharmacy as well.

Viagra connect Boots UK is available at a very affordable rate, and yes, you can also get important information about ED treatment non-pharmacologically from a pharmacist.

See prices here:

Difference between Viagra and Viagra Connect

Since the chemical formula is the same, users should not expect any big differences.

The original Viagra which was formulated by Pfizer has Sildenafil citrate as a primary ingredient which enhances the blood flow to the penile region and gets you hard and stronger penis.

Viagra is available in 3 different doses which are 25mg, 50mg and 100mg whereas Viagra Connect is available in the only 50mg of dose.

The same blue diamond shaped pills are what you will find inside, but there is a V50 stamp on Viagra Connect, which makes the design slightly different from the other one.

Viagra Connect Reviews

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals has launched Viagra Connect in April 2018, to be sure the massive company has the record to drop some of the effective medications in the field.

With years of clinical research and human trials Viagra connect actually works on men with a non-erect penis.

The Internet is oozing with the positive reviews about Viagra connect as more men have known about this drug.

Viagra connects reviews from the customer’s wife can be a great deal to look at.

You will see how their sex life has changed because of which their personal and professional aspects also get affected.

Some of the incredible Viagra Connect reviews can be found online.

I am 42 years old and I have been facing a problem in achieving erection since 2016. Right after using Viagra connects from the boots I was the happiest person on the earth and my wife is the next. 

I heard about the side effects like flushing of the face with its administration, but so far I only got the effect of bigger cock.

The incredible amount of energy is vivid and it is certainly pleasing your partner with the heavier load.

Isaac – Manchester UK

Viagra Connect Price

Viagra connect is sold by Boots UK LIMITED where the professional pharmacist dispenses the medicine. 

At boots, you can easily find Viagra connect at a very cheaper rate. Viagra connect film-coated tablets 50mg in quantity 4 can be purchased in £19.99.

You can also place your order by calling Boots or visiting their online website.

They will deliver you the parcel to your doorsteps with 100% discreet packaging.

There are, however, delivery charges of the Boots store which makes sure the package will get delivered in a short time.

Viagra connect cost is not expensive, considering the amount of stress a man faces during his days without sex.

The cost of Viagra connect is feasible for every man who wishes to please his partner in just overnight.

How to Use Viagra Connect?

The recommended dose for Viagra connect is one tablet daily.

how to take viagra connect

The user will swallow one tablet an hour before having sexual intercourse.

The tablet must be taken with plain water and no other liquids that may disturb the first path of metabolism.

Contraindications of Viagra Connect

It is absolutely NOT ALLOWED to take Viagra connect if:

  • You have no erection problems
  • If you are taking HIV treatments
  • You are taking nitrates for heart failure
  • Users have low blood pressure
  • Individuals with impaired vision
  • Allergic to any component inside Viagra connect

Viagra Connect for Women

Viagra connect is not suitable for women, according to the clinical research of Pfizer.

It is however still not sure whether it increases the blood supply in the vaginal region or simply does not work.

What are the side effects of Viagra Connect?

In a research, it is highlighted that taking Viagra connect on a daily basis can let you experience a few side effects with mild to moderate intensity.

There are some little side effects, but if you compare it with the product’s benefits, then it is something you would like to let go.

Here are some side effects caused by the daily Viagra intake.

  • Flushing
  • Heartburn
  • A headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Blocked nose

Usually, these side effects disappear within a day or two, if they happen to occur consistently we suggest a visit to a general physical would be appropriate.

Conclusion: You Can Buy Viagra Connect Over the Counter at Boots!

Viagra Connect 50mg film-coated tablets contain sildenafil citrate, which guarantees 100% erection after you take it.

Buy Viagra Connect online

Viagra connect is the same Viagra which used to be available strictly on prescription, due to the increasing rate of ED amongst men health department of many countries agreed on its proper sale which will benefit its citizens.

That is why it is being marketed as Viagra Connect, which means now it’s easier to connect.

If you are wishing to purchase Viagra online, then visiting the Boots site and order it right away.

Boots Viagra or Viagra Uk, whatever you type and you will get the results you are looking for.

Any occurrence of side effects should be immediately reported to your healthcare professional.

Availability of Viagra Connect over the counter has made it easy for thousands of men who cannot afford the expensive treatments in order to transform their sexual lives.

Legalizing Viagra connect without prescription might helps many men who have been living a lonely life.

FAQ – About Viagra Connect

Q1: How long does Viagra connect stays in your system?

A: The half-life of Viagra connects is about 4 hours, after which it is degraded by the liver and is excreted from urine and feces.

Q2: What Are Boots?

A: Boots is the health and beauty retailer chain in many countries like UK, Ireland, Thailand etc. Their pharmacy chain is the first location where Viagra connect is now being sold since April 2018. It is like GNC or Wal-mart for the people of the UK.

Q3: How much do the 8 pills of Viagra Connect cost?

A: The retail price for 8 Viagra connect pills costs £34.99 from Boots of a local pharmacy.

Q4: What should I do if I experience 2-3 side effects of Viagra Connect at once?

A: It is highly unlikely that you may experience sundry side effects at once, if by any chance you get to see it, please contact your physician and arrange a meeting with him A.S.A.P. 

Q5: What if Viagra connect don’t work?

A: At the very first time, you are likely to get the proper results. But if you don’t, change of plans is what you should do. Call your pharmacist and see if he can arrange you the alternative treatments.


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